Choosing Your Operating System

The operating system of any machine entails a sequence of instructions that speak to the user in real-time or via log files so that in case there is an error then the computer does not just shut down without a goodbye. Whether the machine is a phone, a car or a server computer somewhere in the world, if it does not have an OS then it's probably asleep because then who is operating it then. So as much as you can use a machine without an operating system how would you switch it off? It probably would be a server that is always on when there is power.

Now, since before the 20th century, according to history, there were no popular operating systems for computers. There were mechanisms of operating systems but each one was not named or identified by the names that we use nowadays. For example, a radio from a manufacturing company may be made by combining a controller chip and a signal receiver circuit where both have been made from different companies and both can be swapped with other different options and the radio would still work fine. The idea is that operating systems can be understood without tagging the machine complexity along.

Without referring to the most common operating systems, the biggest factor to consider while choosing an operating system is its overall speed as compared to the work you are going to be using it for. Each operating system has an origin that inspired its design. That is not easy to grasp especially if all you have been doing is playing games on your phone, because the speed of a machine is not the same when the machine is waking, during operations or even when switching between tasks. So it takes time to do analysis and make your choice.

So now that you want to know which operating system is good for you, let me analyze them for you down here.

Windows - PC

This one is like a cat pet in your house. It does what you want when you ask. But if you don’t it will go on a walk to find something under the chairs, probably a rat. Anyway, you do not have to understand this but you have to choose this one if you like to play around within a confined environment where someone is not waiting to call your name anytime, because you might miss that. The OS takes its time to load but after that it does not have lag during operations. You might want to choose windows for doing text editing, playing songs and videos, also for operating servers.


Linux is typically for the servers, but that is like any OS. The server-aspect goes below other functionalities, as a matter of fact, the OS itself is a server. I would recommend Linux OS for those who like to develop programs for the internet and doing cool stuff, for free, because as you know it’s free. It can also be customized however you want, you can even add some chili sauce on it. Okay, basically you want to make this choice if you are not sure what you will be doing with the machine.


This one is like purchasing a car and then you remove the dashboard and add another engine. It’s really fast for the normal user. You click and it responds. Everything is there for those who have money to buy. If you love neat work you are probably looking for a Mac but if you want to play around like birds don’t even bother.


Android is made from java that is why it asks for updates all the time. It's cross-platform and you probably want android as a user operating system. For servers and trial and error procedures, you may want another os. This does not mean you cannot use it for such, just that you will hustle.


Some operating systems are more popular than others but it's not what you as an individual want to consider. Therefore take your time, test the possibilities and find out for yourself. Don’t forget that you can make your own operating system from nothing.

NB: Other operating systems are also available including flavors of the ones mentioned above.

Thank you for reading.

  Dec 06, 2021