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Plantskenya is a product of Eupotech Limited. We came up with the idea to build a marketplace for plants in Kenya after we struggled to find an online plant vendor in Kenya while we were looking to buy plants for our offices. We combined our desire for nature and passion for innovation to make buying plants in Kenya easier and tadaaa ... Plantskenya was born.
Plantskenya is a product of Eupotech Limited.

About the product

In today's age we ask ourselves why buying plants in Kenya hasn't really arrived in the digital world yet. Because a trip to the garden centre costs half a day and dragging the plants also costs you energy. Two sacks of soil, three plants and the matching pots hardly fit in your car and require real Tetris skills. Plantskenya is your saviour in times of need. We thought to ourselves: It can be easier in this technology era! Our developers have worked tirelessly to build a platform focused on providing plant sellers the very best tools so they can more easily grow their business and spread the joy of plants to everyone. Choose your plants comfortably online, and after a few clicks, you will have them delivered to your home or office.Transparent, Secure and Trustworthy.

Interact with an online pool of genuine customers.

Become a seller.

We bring to you a smarter way to sell your plants online. We created Kenya's first and only marketplace entirely dedicated to planters and plants enthusiasts.

Our ecosystem which is designed specifically for planters is unrivalled in the industry — making it easy to find the right long-term forever home for your creations.

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